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renewable energy tilt-turn windows heating system

Homes are built for the extreme weather conditions and high cost of heating fuel in Germany. Walls are no less than R30 and ceilings in many cases are more than R50. Radiant in floor heat energy and efficient European style tilt turn windows come standard in all our homes.

Renewable Energy

Tech-Western, Inc. is a leader in the construction of homes featuring renewable energy. There are several types of renewable energy products suitable for residential applications.

Solar thermal systems produce hot water for radiant heat systems featured in our homes as well as other household requirements including kitchen, bathroom, spas and pool hot water.

Geothermal systems are a great alternative for heating hot water. These systems use the earth’s constant temperature and heat exchangers to heat hot water used in the home. Geothermal systems can also be used for cooling the house in the summer.

Solar photovoltaic systems gather the sun’s energy thru solar collectors and convert the energy into DC power. The DC power is then converted in AC power to be used thru out the home. Photovoltaic systems can be installed in both off-grid and grid-connected applications.

Wind power is an economical choice for producing electricity. A typical wind powered system cost less to install then photovoltaic systems. Modern systems are designed for increased efficiency and reduced noise. Systems produce energy with minimal wind speeds. These systems can also be installed in either off-grid or grid-connected applications.   Back to top

Tilt-Turn Windows

Tech-Western, Inc. features European windows, more commonly known as tilt/turn windows, because they operate in two directions. The windows tilt in from the top to allow fresh air flow into the home and they swing open like a door for easy cleaning or greater air infiltration. A single handle controls the tilt/turn operation. When closed, the handle controls a multiple point locking system that provides a better seal and greater security. Window frame and sash construction is available in wood, aluminum clad or high grade  PVC’s. These windows feature several glass options including double or triple pane, high energy efficient, gas filled or decorative glass.         

Built-in rolling shutters and screens are also available for all windows that Tech-Western, Inc. installs. These systems are built into the top of the window assembly. When rolled down, the shutter offers complete privacy, while substantially improving window insulation and offering greater security against outside intruders. The screens can be lowered for those times of the year when insects are most active and raised when not in use. The shutters can be raised up and down with a manual turn handle, a power wall mounted switch or remote control.  Back to top

In-Floor Heating Systems

Tech-Western, Inc. homes feature in-floor radiant heat systems. Radiant heat systems work by installing a series of pipes in loops under the sub-floor of the home. The pipes carry hot water that heats the house from the floor up. The water is heated by a gas or electric boiler, a geothermal heat-pump or a solar hot water system. A solar photovoltaic system can be installed to provide power for the electric boiler. Radiant in-floor heat warms a house more evenly and eliminates the draft and dust typical of a forced air system. Since there are no fans required to move air thru the home, radiant systems are very quiet. Radiant systems also have no registers or radiators that are obstructed by furniture in the home. Most rooms have separate thermostats, allowing the temperature to be controlled separately from room to room.    Back to top  

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